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Reliable and Effective Environmental Monitoring

SherpaPharma is a cloud-based, paperless solution to streamline the EM micro process, from planning to data-analysis.

SherpaPharma offers you the following benefits

Time saving

Generate Environmental Monitoring reports instantly, generate trends and statistics on historical data by filtering under any criteria.

Keeping your data secure

Any data modification will be tracked with no deletion possible. Avoid any data losses or transcribing errors. Comply with 21 CFR Part 11 and EU cGMP Annex 11.

Focus on your process

Forget about manually copying data and preparing reports. Automatise your process with SherpaPharma and focus on understanding your facility, its baseline microbial contamination and its possible alterations.

Multiple languages

The software is easily configurable in any of the following languages: English, Spanish, German, French and. If the client requests it, there is the possibility to develop the software in another language.

Using SherpaPharma

SherpaPharma uses a mobile app running on a mobile device to track any actions carried out on plates or other media. Keep track of every sample from the moment it is taken to incubation and reading. Use the PC application to plan your samples, track the whole process, and analyse your results.

Mobile device and barcode reader



Welcome Focus Laboratories

Welcome FOCUS Laboratories

We are excited to share the news that FOCUS Laboratories is implementing SherpaPharma’s EM Software solution to streamline and enhance their environmental monitoring (EM) service offering.


By using the SherpaPharma racks, with labels and QR code, during implementation of the system’s PQ in the production area, which is where we generate large numbers of plates, it has become easier for us to ensure sample traceability.

Furthermore, the incubation process is simpler and more robust, because in this way all the plates enter at the same time and they are managed at once.

Since they are made of stainless steel, physically the racks are withstanding peroxidation and disinfection with ethanol without any problems.

Maria de Godos
Farmalan, Insud Pharma Group

We’ve been collecting and trending EM data the same way for too many years. I knew there were better solutions, but once I saw SherpaPharma’s I was sold. The ability to scan plates right into the system, and then track EM data through the counting process removes wasteful redundancies and potential transcription errors . But the ability to trend and present data with a few clicks is a game changer for us– there was nothing to think about. The time Sherpa will save us in getting meaningful results to customers makes it a great complement to our rapid sterility methodologies.

Anthony Grilli, CEO
SherpaPharma process
SherpaPharma process mobil
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