Solución en la nube para la industria farmacéutica

The advantages of a cloud solution for the pharmaceutical industry

In today’s world of enterprise IT, there is a question that most of the companies are facing: Can the pharmaceutical industry use cloud solutions and guarantee the high-level requirements that regulators demand? What are the advantages of a cloud solution for the pharmaceutical industry?

Most of the companies use many different tools (ERPs, warehouse control, calibration management software, quality, QMS, LIMS, etc) to fulfil their IT needs and don’t consider a cloud solution as a first option because on-premises feels safer. IT departments prefer to be closer to the information they are keeping since, as far as they are concerned, they will have better control. The thing is, cloud environments provide the same guarantees as the pharmacy industry is demanding and even have some advantages which an on-premises solution can’t give.

Time and cost savings from a cloud solution for the pharmaceutical industry

A lot of IT departments overestimate their ability to provide reliable and fast softwares for the other departments (Production, Quality, Maintenance) which need a technical solution to manufacture faster and guarantee the security of the production. Decision makers might not be aware of the amount of time and cost an insecure or unreliable system can affect their operations.

Do I have the resources to provide a secured and regulated service?

Implementing a technical solution to manage the production and invest less time in manual procedures is vital for companies which are growing in the pharmacy industry. Besides, the COVID-19 crisis has exposed the need to access company information from outside their facilities to make the right decisions as soon as possible. However, the data center where the software is stored must comply with a Tier III design (maximum availability rate of 99.982%) and have to meet ISO27001 to ensure data integrity and security. Additionally, there is the need to comply with FDA and EMA regulations like 21 CFR Part 11 and EU cGMP Annex 11. All these regulations that the pharmaceutical industry must comply with can affect the quality of the product and the results of an audit.

It is when the IT departments have to make the decision to implement software of any kind when it must be taken into account if the resources available are enough to provide a fast and effective service. On the contrary, they can trust in a service that meets all the data security, integrity and availability requirements.

SherpaPharma, a cloud-based solution that meets all pharmaceutical industry requirements

SherpaPharma process

This is where SherpaPharma can help. Being a SaaS, it can help IT departments to meet the requirements that the industry demands of them, without requiring a big workload or constant control on their part. SherpaPharma is a fully compliant solution for the pharmaceutical industry. It also frees companies from the need to maintain their own infrastructure that supports the system and it is available 24/7. In addition, incidents caused by the use of the system can be dealt with from SherpaPharma’s customer support department. In this way, when using Sherpapharma the IT departments can dedicate their efforts to implement solutions that allow them to modernize and effectively control their activities.

SherpaPharma is a cloud solution for the pharmaceutical industry in constant development which adapts to the customer needs and updates their features according to the market and the technological advance. These deployment of new versions do not affect IT departments. All necessary actions are performed by Tiselab including software validations, testing, installation and configuration of the system.

Why is a cloud platform good for environmental monitoring activities?

A cloud platform allows, above all, a very fast implementation of the system (from 3 to 6 months) and frees the different departments that will use it from worrying about the implementation or technical details. They can focus on what is really important, the adaptation of their processes to efficiently comply with the protocols that allow them to grow their business and ensure a correct environmental control of their products.

In short, SherpaPharma is a cloud-based solution for the pharmaceutical industry that saves time and costs, ensures production safety, relieves skilled personnel of repetitive tasks and complies with all the requirements and regulations of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Michael Delgado
Michael Delgado
CTO en SherpaPharma | Web

Michael studied a Computer Science degree at the UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) and he has been involved in several Software projects as a Full stack developer. After 5 years developing in the Sherpapharma project, he changed his role to CTO. His job is to coordinate the team deciding on the best technologies that allow us to achieve our clients' objectives and to continue developing our applications continuously, with AGILE methodologies, guaranteeing that the validation and testing of our systems allows us to guarantee reliability thereof.

Michael estudió una licenciatura en Informática en la UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) y ha estado involucrado en varios proyectos de Software como desarrollador Full stack. Después de 5 años programando en el proyecto Sherpapharma, cambió su rol a CTO. Su trabajo es coordinar el equipo decidiendo las mejores tecnologías que nos permitan alcanzar los objetivos de nuestros clientes y seguir desarrollando nuestras aplicaciones de forma continua, con metodologías AGILE, garantizando que la validación y testeo de nuestros sistemas nos permita garantizar la fiabilidad de los mismos.