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On March 23rd you can meet the Sherpa Pharma team at the Annex 1 – Contamination control strategy event. Will you be there? We can meet in person:

About the event

Ensuring Contamination Control has always been a challenge for all manufacturing plants.

Now, the new Annex 1 clearly defines the elements of the Contamination Control Strategy (CCS), covering all aspects involved in a holistic way, giving joint visibility to aspects previously seen separately. This concept, which did not appear in the previous version, appears 51 times in this version, which allows us to understand its importance.

In this event, we will discuss in depth how to deal with the creation of a CCS document, and we will have the opportunity to listen in detail to experts who will help us to better understand some aspects of CCS.

These will be lectures and practical workshops, which will allow attendees to know what should be included in the CCS and how to develop it to meet the expectations of health authorities aligned with the indications of the new version of Annex 1.

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