Monitorización ambiental en la estrategia de control de contaminación

Environmental Monitoring in contamination control strategy

How to use the results of Environmental Monitoring for a good definition and compliance with the Contamination Control Strategy (CCS). We would now li

La resistencia al cambio en los procesos de monitorización ambiental

Resistance to change in Environmental Monitoring processes

In a laboratory or clean room, the specialists in charge of the production of medications who work with Environmental Monitoring data perceive the imp

Enric Adserà

Interview with Enric Adserà, Project Manager at SherpaPharma

We interviewed Enric Adserà, Project Manager at SherpaPharma. Enric has a degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and MBA from ESADE and is a recogn

Blog on Environmental Monitoring - Blog de Monitorización Ambiental.

Our blog on Environmental Monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry during 2021

We can’t think of a better way to mark the end of the year on our blog on Environmental Monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry than to highlight so

Webinar AB

Video webinar: ‘Improving your Environmental Monitoring Processes’

Missed the webinar ‘Improving your Environmental Monitoring Processes’? Don’t worry! You can watch it right here! Dr. Tim Sandle discussed a risk-base

Solución en la nube para la industria farmacéutica

The advantages of a cloud solution for the pharmaceutical industry

In today’s world of enterprise IT, there is a question that most of the companies are facing: Can the pharmaceutical industry use cloud solutions and

Vincenzo Giorgini

Interview with Vincenzo Giorgini – Rigel Life Sciences

Vincenzo Giorgini spent his first 15 years of professional life in production, 2 years as the head of injectable department and another 13 years as pr

Validación sistema cloud - Cloud system validation

Validation of a cloud system in a regulated environment

In regulated pharmaceutical environments, informatic systems, including systems in Cloud, must comply with 21 CFR Part 11 and EU cGMP Annex 11. Sherpa

Why is Environmental Monitoring important? - ¿Por qué es importante la Monitorización Ambiental?

Why is Environmental Monitoring important?

Environmental Monitoring is one of the tools pharma companies must use to obtain knowledge of the state of the Contamination Control in manufacturing

Entrevista a Laia Movilla, Product Specialist en Sherpapharma

Interview with Laia Movilla, Product Specialist at Sherpapharma

Today we interview Laia Movilla, the Product Specialist at Sherpapharma. Laia has a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Universitat P