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Digital Environmental Monitoring

Navigating the Digital Frontier of Environmental Monitoring with Automation

In recent times, a resounding buzz surrounds the imminent trend of digitalization and automation. Beyond buzzwords, these trends are poised to reshape

Navigating 2023: A Year in Review with SherpaPharma

As the year 2023 comes to a close, at SherpaPharma, we wish to reflect on a year filled with challenges and achievements. We’ve faced the implementati

The importance of Environmental Monitoring data to improve your contamination control strategy

Annex I makes it very clear that the Contamintation Control Strategy is a living and reviewable document. Therefore, the analysis of environmental mon

Poster: Expecting more from your EM software

It seems that a discussion on trend analysis for environmental monitoring was just what the 2023 PDA Pharmaceutical Microbiology conference needed. Co

Our blog on Environmental Monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry during 2023

The time to implement Annex 1 has come to an end. During this 2023 our specialists have shown the importance of environmental monitoring to carry out

Environmental Monitoring using Laminar Air Flows (LAF) in Pharmaceutical Sterile Compounding Sites.

Pharmaceutical compounding sites are facilities where pharmacists or specially trained personnel prepare customized medications based on the individua

Streamline the process of microbiological plate counting

In sterile manufacturing laboratories, 95-99% of environmental control plates show no growth after the sampling and incubation process. However, in or

Management of Original Environmental Sampling Data

The principles of ALCOA+ on Data Integrity in the pharmaceutical industry includes the need to save the Original Data from the process. As described i

Is your Environmental Monitoring in line with the new Annex 1?

The 2022 version of the GMP Annex 1 defines some stringent requirements in relation to Environmental Monitoring. August 2023 is the deadline to comply

White Paper Vanesa Vasadi Figueroa

White Paper: Environmental Monitoring in cleanrooms. Six factors to consider when evaluating a digital system

We are honored to present this interesting White Paper in which Vanesa Vasadi Figueroa reviews six key factors for the decision process of selecting s

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