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The following features will help you improve the quality of your Environmental Monitoring process while saving a lot of time.

Quick implementation

SherpaPharma is quick and easy to configure. The fast-import of massive data (clean rooms, sampling points and historical results) allows to immediately start working with the system.

Data analysis

After results are securely stored in the system, you can instantly start trending historical data, filtering under any criteria or period. Statistics can be automatically generated for each point. Generating statistically-based alert values is extremely easy and quick. Information is readily printed in a variety of comprehensive report formats.

Flexibility to adapt to any type of installation

Your production areas and departments can be configured in the system together with clean rooms, sampling points, etc., and even independent production plants for the same company. The system accepts the following types of samples: air (settle plates and dynamic sampling), surfaces (contact plates and swabs), water, personnel, and compressed gas.

Data Integrity

SherpaPharma is a software designed to assure data integrity. The software is compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11. From the beginning, all data introduced, modified, or deleted into the system will be registered along with its metadata, which can be tracked through the Audit trail.

Developed for users

From the very beginning of its development, SherpaPharma has been designed according to the requirements and advice of real users in pharmaceutical companies. We listen to our users and evolve the system to meet their needs. We also keep track of changes in regulations, continuously updating our software to be compliant with the current legislation. Every new version of the software is fully validated following GAMP5 rules.


You can benefit from having a fully validated installation in the cloud. It is managed and secured by an ISO/IEC 27001 accredited company.

Flexible pricing to adapt to any installation size

SherpaPharma pricing adapts to any installation size while always keeping the same standards for quality and data safety. Moreover, the system allows creating an unlimited number of users with no additional cost.


You can use your SOPs to define your sampling plans in the system and schedule them on the calendar. You are then able to follow the entire lifecycle of the process (sampling, incubation, reading, identification, reviewal and approval).

Audit Trail

SherpaPharma automatically registers all the actions performed in the system. The Audit trail allows for an easy search and quick obtention of results and the possibility to approve the actions registered.

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