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Navigating 2023: A Year in Review with SherpaPharma

As the year 2023 comes to a close, at SherpaPharma, we wish to reflect on a year filled with challenges and achievements. We’ve faced the implementation of Annex 1 and launched a significant update to our SherpaPharma EM Software, to meet the evolving needs of our clients and the industry at large.

Key Highlights:

The cornerstone of our improvements has been the introduction of new features designed to enhance the user experience:

  • New Maps module where you can view the sampling points and their results. This new menu allows you to obtain and analyze results from a different perspective. You will be able to visualize contamination in the room to quickly identify trends and detect variations among different points.
  • New adaptive filters in the application. One of the new features in the handheld device application is the ability to filter by area, department, or room. This allows operators to focus on the work they can do in the location they are at.
  • Settle plates pickup reminder. Alert reminders are now prompted in the handheld devices when sedimentation plates should be taken to avoid their over exposition.
  • New particle-related features. Planning, sampling, analysis and report generation for particle samples.

To facilitate the adoption of these innovations, we conducted successful training sessions with our clients.

year 2023 SherpaPharma

Participation in Events:

At SherpaPharma, we recognize the importance of actively participating in industry events, where connecting with professionals, exchanging knowledge, and establishing collaborations are fundamental to growth and innovation.

Throughout 2023, we had the privilege of participating in renowned international events, including A3P Biarritz, PHSS, PDA Contamination Control & Annex1 & PDA Annual Micro meeting, Cleanroom Tech, Annual Irish Conference, and the ISPE Aseptic Conference. Each of these events provided an invaluable platform to interact with industry leaders, explore the latest trends, and showcase our innovative solutions.

The PDA Pharmaceutical Microbiology Conference in Washington, DC was one of our top highlights-This event not only provided an opportunity to shine on an international stage but also allowed us to collaborate with Vanessa Figueroa. Alongside our team, she presented a captivating poster titled “Expecting more from your EM software.” We express our gratitude for her collaboration and emphasize the importance of working together to advance excellence in the environmental monitoring industry.

If you haven’t seen the poster yet, you can download it here

On a national level, we participated in key events such as Farmaforum and BioSpain. These events not only offered a platform to introduce our innovations locally but also allowed us to directly connect with companies in the country, strengthening our relationships on a national scale.

Attending events is not just an opportunity to showcase our solutions but also to build meaningful connections. In our commitment to providing excellence in environmental monitoring, we value face-to-face interactions that allow us to understand the changing needs of the market and tailor our solutions accordingly.

Team Growth:

This year witnessed the continued growth of the SherpaPharma team, with new additions in both the European and North American divisions.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to our valued customers for choosing us as their partners in the digital transformation of environmental monitoring. The trust they have placed in SherpaPharma to lead this crucial aspect of their operations not only fills us with pride but also fuels our ongoing commitment to excellence.

Every step we take to enhance SherpaPharma is guided by the goal of providing you with the best possible solution. We understand that your trust is the driving force behind our progress, and we want to express our thanks for allowing us to be part of your journey towards efficiency, accuracy, and innovation.

We will remain dedicated to the continual refinement of SherpaPharma, working tirelessly to exceed your expectations and deliver an even more exceptional experience. Thank you for being a fundamental part of our journey and for allowing us to be your choice in the era of digital environmental monitoring.

We are excited about what the future holds and look forward to exceeding expectations in 2024. Thank you for being part of our journey!

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