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Our blog on Environmental Monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry during 2023

The time to implement Annex 1 has come to an end. During this 2023 our specialists have shown the importance of environmental monitoring to carry out a good contamination

SherpaPharma is a reliable and effective global solution for Environmental Monitoring, designed to help pharmaceutical companies improve their processes by reducing risks in decision making. This is why our specialists have taken advantage of our blog to offer relevant information to colleagues in the sector who read us.

We started the year with a publication by our CEO, Santi Tintoré, where he detailed how the SherpaPharma solution can help you in support the Annex 1 or know the most critical aspects of the Annex 1 related to Environmental Monitoring.

SherpaPharma has enabled the camera function on the handheld device to be able to take a photo of the plate when reading the colony count. This prevents tampering with the images and enhances compliance with Data Integrity by adding images to your results.Management of Original Environmental Sampling Data.

To comply with the GDP requirements described in the GMP, each result must be documented individually, which is sometimes a repetitive and tedious task that can be a source of possible human errors.
At SherpaPharma, we have improved the process of reading plates without growth to be able to perform it in a documented and agile way. By using bar code scanning and “no growth” result assignment, the number of clicks in the system can be reduced by reducing low value-added activities in the company.

Environmental Monitoring using Laminar Air Flows (LAF) in Pharmaceutical Sterile Compounding Sites.

The USP General Chapter <797> has undergone a significant revision and will become official inNovember 2023 there are several changes and updates introduced to improve patient safety and quality of compounding practices.

Thank you for following our blog on Environmental Monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry. We are delighted that you are reading our articles.
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