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Streamline the process of microbiological plate counting

In sterile manufacturing laboratories, 95-99% of environmental control plates show no growth after the sampling and incubation process. However, in order to comply with the GDP requirements described in the GMP, each result must be documented individually, which is sometimes a repetitive and tedious task that can be a source of possible human errors. At SherpaPharma, we have improved the process of reading plates without growth to be able to perform it in a documented and agile way. By using bar code scanning and “no growth” result assignment, the number of clicks in the system can be reduced by reducing low value-added activities in the company.

This is one of the benefits of automating environmental monitoring processes, reducing routine tasks, which can be considered as low value-added and can be just as critical as counting a plaque with growth.

At SherpaPharma, we have developed our system thinking about how we can streamline processes while maintaining the GMP requirements to ensure proper traceability of data.

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