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SherpaPharma has a Complaint Channel (Internal Reporting System) through which any person, member of SherpaPharma or third parties in contact with the company, can anonymously and confidentially report behaviors or attitudes not aligned with SherpaPharma’s Code of Ethics and/or legal compliance obligations such as:

  • Alleged lucrative management of company resources.
  • Situations of discrimination or sexual abuse.
  • Corrupt practices, theft, fraud, etc.
  • Possible conducts and behaviors considered illegal in the performance of work.

SherpaPharma’s Complaint Channel is an internal information channel that complies with the regulations on complaint protection and data protection. That is why we are committed to not disclose the identity of the informants, of any third party and of the facts reported, without any reprisal for people who report a possible infringement in good faith.

This channel is managed through the software platform accessible through the following link.

For more details, you can read here the general principles of our Complaint Channel

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